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The word “Roccolo” means bird hunting tower. The ruins of this tower were rebuilt and renovated in the 1960's by our great-grandfather. The thick tower walls on the right hand side of the picture show the sturdiness of the age-old construction.

The rustic charm of this place is the ideal spot for nature lovers.  It is located in the middle of the woods and heated with the sun and wood from the surrounding forest. Our guests will be awakened by birdsong during their stay while enjoying the quiet ambiance of this wonderful place.

This is an ideal spot for families offering a natural forest “playground” with no dangerous traffic, a farm, horses, and the animals of the forest all within easy reach! Discoveries and surprises are legendary for both kids and adults: our friend the salamander shows up almost every time it rains, dormice live under the roof and with luck they can be spotted in the evenings.  Butterflies settle down onto the gravel in front of the house and wisteria fills the air with its lovely smell.

Welcome to the "Roccolo"!

We have updated the Roccolo with all the modern comfort needed (washing machine, dryer, microwave, satellite TV, free WiFi. . . ), while being careful to respect the rusticness of this vacation home so you can be comfortable but at the same time don’t fear damaging anything. We enjoy going there ourselves and are glad that our guests feel at ease and like to come back. Please read some excerpts of their experiences that they wrote in our guest book!

Please note that to go from one room to another you have to go outside.  You will be sheltered under the roof and balcony, so you will not get wet if it is raining, however we do recommend that you bring a warm sweater or jacket during the spring and autumn.

We are looking forward to having you discover this little paradise and wish you a warm welcome!

Casa Roccolo, CH-6999 Astano | Christoph + Barbara Marti | + 41 32 841 42 94 |

Original birdsong: